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No More Oil Change?

GTO - F.A.Q. Sheet
Wednesday, May 2, 2013

1. Do I need to change my oil first before I add GTO into my engine?

This is Optional and discretionary...

Did you know that 1 Liter of dirty oil can contaminate 1 million liters of fresh water? If you care about the planet, any product that can stop this bad change oil habit is a welcome solution.

GTO was first and foremost developed to address this problem. However, nothing is perfect nor permanent. but the ZERO Change Oil solution that GTO brings is very much possible.

If your engine is not subjected to any form of ABUSE, (not used for heavy duty work like public use, utility, construction work or racing) you only have to change the oil filters once a year depending on your oil condition.

For heavily abused engines, you may need to change filters once every 3 to 6 months.

GTO is not a one time treatment solution, you need to repeat the treatment every other PMS (Preventive Maintenance Schedule) recommended by the engine manufacturer.

2. What happens to my old engine oil inside when GTO mixes with it?

GTO will make your old engine oil a hybrid oil. GTO works like a lubricant that lubricates your old oil. It acts like a liquid film that sticks to the metal surfaces of the engine and allows your old oil to hydroplane in between these slippery film. Since GTO is not really a metal treatment liquid, it will not penetrate your metal parts nor become inundated into its porous surface which could make it less strong. GTO will retain the metal rigidity and strength of your engine metal components. This ensures a longer engine service life.

At the same time, this trait lowers the NVH (Noise Vibration Harshness) level of your engine, making it more smooth and silent. The metal knocking and vibration is somehow significantly reduced or eliminated.

This trait is also responsible for the significant increase in torque energy, which is produced by the improved Compression Sealing ability of the piston rings. Which results to more power at low rpm, lesser Carbon Emissions, Longer Fuel Mileage and Easier driveability.

3. When do I change my oil and oil filter?

This is necessary only if your engine oil is really dirty, mucky and rich with metallic particles. And Oil analysis is recommended. But if you are in doubt, you may change oil and filter if your wish. But we recommend you to use GTO as your flushing system. GTO can clean your engine internals much better and safer compared with the best Flushing system available in this planet. After the first treatment, run the engine for at least 3,000km. Then drain the oil while the engine is still hot.
Replace the filter and the oil with new ones, but leave enough volume for the GTO treatment so you don’t overfill it beyond the right level.

Treat with GTO, and enjoy for the next 3,000 to 10,000 kms. Repeat treatment then and replace filter only if your wish. If your vehicle is new, you may never have to change oil again ever… but it is old, you might need to change oil after 3 years or 100,000 kms. More or less. However, the idea is to reduce your oil change as much as possible for your advantage and for the sake of this planet.

Changing oil frequently ad repeating the GTO treatment is a costly way. The practical way is Change oil once in a blue moon only, Change filter once every other PMS only, Repeat GTO treatment once every PMS schedule only. This is more cost effective and better for your engine and your pocket.

4. Is there any side effect from using GTO in my engine?

Yes, only good effects. Increase in Torque, More engine power at low rpm, More Fuel Mileage even in City Driving, even while your AC is on.

5. Will I reduce my Oil consumption?

Definitely yes, provided there are no physical leaks in your system.

6. Will I save fuel?

YES from 10% to 50% or more. But it depends of course on the way you drive and the length of time you are idling and using aircon.

7. Will I increase torque and horsepower?

Horsepower is limited only to the factory specification of your engine… but Torque increase off the charts YES.

8. Can I use this for Diesel engines?

YES, You can use this on any types of internal combustion engine that requires lubrication.

9. How does the filter not get clogged? 

The oil filter has carbon deposit sediments already attached to it. GTOil dissolves and saturates this, allowing oil to pass through and flow normally. Clogged filters will destroy engines faster than any dirty oil can, GTO helps in keeping filters less clogged, Therefore, less worries about it. The only danger is when you have PTFE or Teflon in your oil. You ca get Teflon from most Engine Additives.  GTO is not an ordinary engine additive… GTO is a mixture of natural oils that is used as an additive therefore it contains no PTFE or any other synthetic chemicals that can be harmful to your engine.

10. How about engine work, will it have maintenance? 
Once you have GTO inside your engine, then you are now into the APMS (Alternative Preventive Maintenance System). This replaces your old traditional PMS. The APMS is more than 50% cheaper but 100% more Cost Effective compared to your old PMS expense.

11. How can smoke be gone, since oil does not come in contact with the injectors or plug?

Because of the compressions sealing ability raised up, combustion is now more efficient. And with efficiency raised up, all the carbon clogging your injectors and plugs are dislodged in the process, allowing a cleaning effect to take place.

12. Can it be used on new and old vehicles or engines alike?


13. I have a poorly maintained and abused engine with black dirty oil, can GTO help?


Once treated, your engine will improve in performance, enjoy it up to 3,000kms. Or 5,000 kms. Then drain the old dirty oil.

This is needed so you can get rid of the metal particles suspended in your old and dirty oil

Pour in new oil but leave allowance for GTO, replace with new filter, then Treat it with GTO, After this, changing your oil again is will only be needed once in a blue moon.

RECOMMENDED DOSAGE For all 4 stroke engines:

Oil Capacity (Li)
Engine size (cc)
GTO Dosage (ml.)
Frequency (Mo./kms)
Generator type Stationary
1 Liter
150cc – 250cc
15 – 30 ml.
6 Months/ 2,160 runninng hours
Scooters and Motorbikes/ATV/RV/Boats
1 – 2 Liter
50cc – 155cc
15 – 30 ml.
1-6 Months/ 3,000kms
1 – 2 Liter
156 – 250cc
30 – 125ml.
1-6 months/
4 Liter
500 – 1000cc
6 month/ 3 -5K kms.
4 Liter
800 – 1600cc
2 – 6 months/ 5 – 10K kms.
5 – 10 Liters
1800 – 3000cc
500 – 1000ml.
2 – 6 months/ 5 – 10K kms.
18 – 30 Liters
3001 – 10000cc ++
2000 – 3000ml. (2 to 3 Liters)
1 – 3 Months/ 3-5K kms.
POWER BARGES (Bunker Fuel)

Consult OTGTE


Bear in mind, all 2 stroke engines work the same whether they are large or small.

In a 2 stoke engine, there is what we call a Cylinder Oil and a System Oil. The system oil lubricates all the moving parts in the engine (i.e. bearing, con rods, crank shafts, gears, etc.), while the Cylinder oil lubricates the Cylinder Walls and the Piston rings alone.

The Cylinder oil is a light oil by weight and are also known as 2T oil for motorbike. The common dirty mistake or practice that people do is to mix 2T oil directly with their fuel (which is commonly Gasoline). This not only creates a lot of smoke, but it also creates an inefficient combustion.

If you inundate 2T oil with your fuel, the fuel will have a lower ignition point and longer flame speed, thus making the white smoke.

The best way is to revive the Autolube system. This is where a separate reservoir for the 2T is present, and it is fed into the intake manifold via a 2T pump. Once this is done, then you can start treating your 2 stroke engine with this 3 simple steps. (NOTE: Do not treat your Gasoline with 2T anymore)

1.       Fill this 2T reservoir with 2T oil, and treat it with GTO. (The ratio is 15ml. GTO per 2 Liters of 2T oil).

2.       Then reduce the 2T pump to the minimum level. (Ask your mechanic to do this).

3.       Then treat the engine (system) oil with GTO. ( 15ml. GTO per 1 Liter oil capacity).


In the case of small engines like chainsaws and gensets.

·         Use only 25 - 50ml. of 2T ad mix 15ml. GTO with it. Mix this with up to 4 Liters of Gasoline.


  1. I have a 150 cc bike. Would you plz suggest if i use gto for my bike, after what interval(or how much kilometres) should i need to add new gto to my ingine oil and after how much kilometres should i need to change my engine oil entirely or should i never change my engine oil?

  2. use 15 ML of GTO to your bike every 5,000 km. The same interval with your preventive maintenance schedule (change oil schedule). So instead of draining your oil every 5,000km , just add GTO, no need to change oil.

  3. pls let me know dosage of GTO or how many ml per lter of gallon of oil on a gasoline car? thanks.

    1. Normally it's 16 parts of normal oil per 1 part of GTO. But as a simple guide, 15ml. GTO per Liter of normal Motorcycle 4T oil. But for Cars, it's about 200ml to 250ml. for every Gallon. For Trucks, it's 2 Liters for every 30 Liters oil capacity +/-.

  4. Where to buy the product?

  5. where can i buy GTo in metro manila area?


  7. Sino po pwede ko kontakin dito para makabili ako ng dalawang 250 mL na GTO?